Bat Country

The product of a man always in touch but always to far gone and the post destruction of the American dream.
In a post apocalyptic world men are controlled by institutions by god and government. There is only the illusion of freedom. True freedom is taking control of your life and not letting anyone else take the wheel. People are so focused on the event, then end, who wins the “race” that they miss everything around them. The people, the environment, the feeling of being in that place at that time. Always watching what they are supposed to, never seeing the strange and the non constant. Watch, see and, understand rather then be seen and know nothing of what is constantly unfolding around you.
The race will prove interesting. I don’t know if I will see the end but it’s not about that. I want to see society from the sidelines. A ghost in the shadow of man, seeing through the mask, a look into the heart of the beast. 
The quote “ he who makes a best of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.”not in the specific way but as a whole. Society has become a beast.  More each day and everyday it becomes less human. Losing humanity faster than common sense and imagination. A world ravaged by war and poverty but all we care about is the trivial and pointless. So concerned by the ways and lives of others and not seeing how fucked our own lives are. Saying things like “how could we have known” and “we did what was right.” When it was right in front of them the whole time. They just don’t see the details. They just see the end of the race.

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